Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As many peeps may not know, i manage a couple of artists( DUKE AND BLAKE KELLY), do a little bit of A&R and some Executive Producing. now here is what we end up doing after a full day of chillin.. I think imma keep yall posted on our road to success.. this shows my artist Blake Kelly, my roomate Coby, Tim, Holllywood, Stunnah, Mosito, and Lil Buddy. at the end of the day it was all for the grind and love for the game.

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  1. hey who'z that dude that does all the recording and produces the songs for duke & blake??? lol

    waddup ant...u mus be bout 2 make my own post for never should hollywood lue get a shoutout b4 me..lmao LUE waddup!!?? VA!!!

    -Mark The Mogul Jackson

    "A nigga neva been az broke az me..I like dat"