Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Over Achievers This Saturday @ LOVE!!

Well i dunno if this is bias but this is truly the hottest 18+ event in the USA. At my events you are bound to see the sexiest people ever all in 1 place. Yeah i kno i kno its 18 and up but we definately know how to party and keep the vibe right where it should be. Music is by world famous Dj Tay James!! it definately gets no better..


here's 1

told ya!! tha baddest.. See ya Saturday

here are the details..

If You Bring This Flyer to The Door:
- 18 Over Reduced Until 9:30pm
- 21 Over Reduced Until 11pm

DRESS CODE Strictly Enforced:
Gentleman: We are going for the button down shirt with a sports coat look!
1. No Baggy Jeans
2. No Sneakers, Tennis Shoes, or Boots of any sorts
3. Normal collared shirt, jeans, and shoes will not be accepted.

Ladies: A Classy Dress is Needed.
4. No Jeans
5. No Graphic Tees

Beauty of the week profile: Eliana Barnett

Current City: Washington DC

Home Town: Berkeley California

Age: 22

School: University Of Maryland College Park


Elle is definitely one of my favorite friends... She is very down to earth,funny and a all around cool person!

Inauguration Weekend 2009

Sorry i havent been here to update the blog. This weekend was one of the most important weekends in the history of this country. Dc did it real big to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama. all the stars were here including Jay-z, Diddy, Beyonce, the Kardashians, the Simmons family,Jamie Foxx, Jonas brothers, LL, Stevie Wonder, Oprah, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Day 26 just to name a few. My weekend was pretty much crazy. Friday i started with Jay-z at his Black tie Inaugural Gala at Love nightclub in Washington D.C. I definitely wore a tux. Jay got on the mic and gave us a surprise mini performance while people was fighting right behind him. Also spotted was Beyonce, Solange, Terrance J, Antwan Jamison and a few others.

Saturday i went Back to Love for Diddy's inaugural gala. I was in complete shock when i saw Stevie Wonder there.that was pretty cool to actually see him. but that was a fun night just chilled wit some friends, shared a table and popped bottles wit Terrance J.

Sunday i did a party at Pasha Lounge it went very well..most importantly people had a good time and we made money... got to c all the homies...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009





Sunday January 18th 2009

Freddie Brown and Anthony Hampton Present:
"Joie De Vivre" The Joy of life
2009 Inauguration Gala

Pasha Lounge
2147 P St NW
Washington, DC 20037

Close your eyes and imagine as Freddie Brown and Anthony Hampton present to you "Joie de vivre" The Joy of life 2009 Inauguration Gala
, the most remarkable event to come to the Metropolitan area in the new year. NUVO will transform Pasha sleek decor to bring an exclusive adult playground where the clientele of young adults can mingle amongst cultures from across the world that has in common a sleek, classy couture. Upon entry to this enchanting event you will be greeted by our Nuvo hostesses as well as receive a flute filled with Nuvo Sparkling Liquer. This is guaranteed to be a night to remember for years to come.

Dress: Semi formal Couture

Tables: $600 Includes 5 Complimentary guests, 1 bottle of grey Goose and 1 Bottle of Rose Moet
Presidential $1000 Includes Premium table, 5 Complementary Guests, 1 Bottle of Grey Goose, 1 Bottle Of Rose Moet and 1 Bottle of NUVO


Inauguration ready to wear collection by GUCCI

I suggest this blazer and jean combination definitely for going out to dinner or eating with friends at night or during the day. I honestly don't think u should be caught at any inauguration party without a suit in respect to the cause,Barack Obama

I definitely recommend this for the Jay-Z Concert Monday. It is very relaxed and yet still very fly. Definitely material to see HOV.

Definitely suggest this tux for any of the Inauguration Gala's you attend. It is sleek and the shirt doesn't require a tie, perfect for large Gala's with a lot of people. Personally i will be at the Jay-Z Gala at love on Friday and Diddy's Gala in Saturday both at Love Nightclub. This is also a hott look for my Gala at Pasha Lounge this Sunday.

I suggest this long sleeve cotton thermal for the actual Inauguration. Its great to walk around in and still fly.

Sorry Guys had to clash but what i didnt mention is that standing outside for the inauguration its gonna be cold as shit.. So i suggest this Jacket by Energie.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Dc Fab blogger Joi reports that
President-elect Barack Obama was spotted ordering a half smoke with chili and chips at Ben’s Chili Bowl on saturday afternoon. He was accompanied by the mayor of DC, Adrian Fenty.

Thanks to Joi
The Fab Empire

Why Men on the Rise Fall...

This is not a gossip blogspot of any kind just a trip down my everyday life. But this post is why men on the rise fall to to the bottom.. This is Rapper Gucci Man allegedly hitting his girlfriend at a club.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Everyone if u havent been, u must go to dinner at Park at Fourteenth..And yes its a Marc Barnes spot... The food is prepared by World Class Chef Lois. The ambiance in here is probably the best you will find in DC i promise. My friends and i eat there all the time... Yesterday I had dinner there. I had a Filet Mignon prepared medium of course.. excellent... Park is located centrally downtown of 14 and K.

In this video is my friends Sidz, Wayne, Court and Eddie.. lol and yeah thats Tony Barnes

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jay- Z Inaugural Gala

My mentor Marc Barnes does it big in the city. This flyer explains it all!

Obama 08

Shout out to Tyrese Gibson this pic was taken as he was arriving to the Microsoft Zune event in his white Maserati in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon.

peep tha tags... now thats LOVE

Where do the stars Go new years and after? 2009?

Well everyone know that all the stars are in St. Barths for the holidays. (shout out to my boy Aaron Reid doing it big in St. Barths during the holidays on 2008) St.Barths is like a playground for the rich and famous. During the holidays its common to see Jay and B on the strip, Diddy on his yacht on the Gustavia Harbor Marina, Paris Hilton at Nikki Beach. Really i think Ive even seen Simmons fam there. (Shout out to Diggy he has a new blog) Ok so now thats come to an end..So where are the stars going to be January of 2009? The answer is Washington Dc! yeah i said it! Washington Dc. If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months the inauguration is coming up and everyone will be in town to welcome President Barack Obama. on the list of A list celebs are:

Oprah Winfrey
Chris Brown
Mary J
Fallout Boy
Jonas Brothers

just to name a few.

Make sure you get passes to an inauguration event.. if you need some hit me up.. You know i got the key to the city.

Also im doing an Inauguration Gala at Pasha Lounge on Sunday the 18TH. And if you know me thats where you gonna find the stars without being crowded. (Until you come to my Love party lol) 21 and up on the sexy and sophisticated.. ill see yah there!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A mentally disturbed woman in Korea started getting plastic surgery at 28 and got addicted to it. After numerous surgeries her face became disfigured and doctors refused to operate on her anymore. She somehow convinced ($$$$) a doctor to give her silicone injections and obtained a syringe from him to do it herself. When she ran out of the silicone she started to inject herself...with cooking oil (wtf!).

This is what she looked like before all of her surgeries:...
And this is what she looked like after:

I'll never understand why people who have absolutely nothing wrong with themselves can't see it and will mess up their bodies in the pursuit of...?! Anywho if interested the full article is here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beauty of the week profile: Sidney Lauren

Ant: Sid you are doing your thing and Ive been there every step of the way as ur my female bff, but some peeps don't really know you tell them who your are.

Sid:lol, Ant you are my bff, Love ya much. but Hey, im Sidney Lauren. Who am i?
I am the best and brightest chick in DC.

Ant: lol Sidddzzzz... ight Sid tell everyone out there what u like to do besides model, appear in videos, movies, and tv shows?

Sid: well of course i like to go to any of your events ANT! but I love to laugh and have fun...I always have a smile on my face and so does everyone around me, which is one of my greatest attributes. Life is way too short to be serious and not have fun(sometimes). I attend the most prestigious Black College in America!!! (Howard University) I have to keep up with school and modeling which are my priorities right now. I keep my family and friends very close to me. I’m the nicest person you will ever meet unless you get on my bad side because then I can be a TOTAL BITCH... I’m just being HONEST..

Ant: Booo to Howard, Hampton is tha shyt and u know but anywayz.. Well Sid, what do u have coming up in the works? Damn hope im included..

Sid: haha.. welll u know i got u ant. but lets talk about that off the record..

Ant: yeah yeah no doubt...

There you have it guys Sidney Lauren... for more info or if you need Sidney for business purposes hit me at

DON JUAN:The Most Juanted

ITS OFFICIAL!!!Yall look out for my boy Don Juan, He is doing his thing. Im handling his promotions for him. Look out for his tracks airing daily on the radio. HE WILL ALSO BE PERFORMING DURING INAUGURATION AS WELL AS PLAYING IN THE CELEBRITY BASKETBALL GAME SATURDAY JANUARY 17TH....

Born Maurice Campbell Jr., AKA “Don Juan”. Don Juan is a 22 year old extremely talented rapper, producer, videographer, who has been perfecting his crafts for 10 years. He was signed to Big Money Records, an independent label started by Demarr Johnson and Allen Iverson, and is currently signed to Interscope. Don Juan has a huge following, not only in his hometown of the Bronx, New York, but also in Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Atlanta Georgia, where he currently calls home. His songs speak to the importance of respecting and maintaining a healthy relationship with women. He also has several dance tracks that will surely become the newest summer anthem. His positive words have become a mantra for fans both young and old. Don Juan has a cross-over record entitled “Catwalk” which has become an instant hit.


Inauguration Celebrity Basketball Game hits DC!!!

On January 17th Redskins' Clinton Portis and Santana Moss, Interscope Recording artist Wale, and Grammy-nominee Raheem DeVaughn, along with a who's who cast of athletes and celebrities will duke it out at the 2009 Inaugural Celebrity Basketball Game at Coolidge Senior High School, raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington. Hosted by and Lonnie Harrell, a.k.a. "Prime Objective" of the And 1 Mixtape Tour.

Confirmed Participants

- DJ Clue (Rocafella Records)

- Que (Bad Boy’s Day 26)

- DJ Quicksilva (Pepsi DJ)

- DJ Jay Claxton (92.3 DJ)

- Seezinz (VH1s Flavor of Love)

- Wale (Interscope Recording Artist)

- Raheem Devaughn (Grammy nominated R&B artist)

- Tabi Bonney (DC Recording Artist)

- Clinton Portis (Washington Redskins)

- Santana Moss (Washington Redskins)

- Don Juan (Interscope Recording Artist

- Anwan Glover aka Big G (The Wire)

- Brandon Albert (Kansas City Chiefs)

- Vernon Davis (San Francisco 49ers)

- AO, Baby Shaq, Silk, Pat da Roc, and other street ball legends

- Deangelo Redman (MTV’s Making the Band Season 4)

Im definitely gonna be in the building...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Confirmed Air Yeezy

It’s been confirmed by my boy Kanye West that the Air Yeezy will drop in March 2009. Back in April Kanye leaked an image of the Air Yeezy glowing in the dark which can be seen after the jump. Today i present you new images that show three colorways of the Air Yeezy glowing in the dark. Air Yeezy fans hold tight because March will be here before you know it.

New Years EVE

First lets starts with saying Happy New Years!!! My new years eve went very crazy! I was in Washington DC. i think everyone pretty much was here except Kellz :in Hampton Caking, Coby: in Miami ( the i phone says he currently on Ocean Dr.), umm who else was missing, Cliff he in NYC and i dunno where tha hell Hollywood at; probably in but anyway the night started by a couple of drinks at my boys crib. The most random shit happened. We were about to leave and i couldn't find my car keys. So we searched tha crib to see if they were there but we couldnt find em. So i call Mercedes Onstar to see if they could simply unlock my car to see if they were in there...Of course i hadn't subscribed to the onstar service so they couldn't do it..In the mean time Donny gets a flat tire and Tim loses his credit card and ID. So i took my boy car and drove all the way to my house to get the spare key for my car and i couldn't find that either so i just went out to IBIZA then i went to Love. Had a lot of fun. All my boys were there. The big homie Somos (The Designer of Blac Label Premium, GunMetal and Tru Ambition ) was in town. So u know we did it big as usual. much fun.

Btw found my keys the next morning in less than 3 minutes while