Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years EVE

First lets starts with saying Happy New Years!!! My new years eve went very crazy! I was in Washington DC. i think everyone pretty much was here except Kellz :in Hampton Caking, Coby: in Miami ( the i phone says he currently on Ocean Dr.), umm who else was missing, Cliff he in NYC and i dunno where tha hell Hollywood at; probably in but anyway the night started by a couple of drinks at my boys crib. The most random shit happened. We were about to leave and i couldn't find my car keys. So we searched tha crib to see if they were there but we couldnt find em. So i call Mercedes Onstar to see if they could simply unlock my car to see if they were in there...Of course i hadn't subscribed to the onstar service so they couldn't do it..In the mean time Donny gets a flat tire and Tim loses his credit card and ID. So i took my boy car and drove all the way to my house to get the spare key for my car and i couldn't find that either so i just went out to IBIZA then i went to Love. Had a lot of fun. All my boys were there. The big homie Somos (The Designer of Blac Label Premium, GunMetal and Tru Ambition ) was in town. So u know we did it big as usual. much fun.

Btw found my keys the next morning in less than 3 minutes while


  1. You can afford to subscribe to onstar. its only 1500.

  2. lol yeah.. its not tha issue of all about being able to afford something its all in taking the time to do it..

  3. If U got time to make a blog then u have time t0 subscribe to onstar.

  4. Um so I was Soo drunk def
    don't Rember taking this pic