Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beauty of the week profile: Sidney Lauren

Ant: Sid you are doing your thing and Ive been there every step of the way as ur my female bff, but some peeps don't really know you tell them who your are.

Sid:lol, Ant you are my bff, Love ya much. but Hey, im Sidney Lauren. Who am i?
I am the best and brightest chick in DC.

Ant: lol Sidddzzzz... ight Sid tell everyone out there what u like to do besides model, appear in videos, movies, and tv shows?

Sid: well of course i like to go to any of your events ANT! but I love to laugh and have fun...I always have a smile on my face and so does everyone around me, which is one of my greatest attributes. Life is way too short to be serious and not have fun(sometimes). I attend the most prestigious Black College in America!!! (Howard University) I have to keep up with school and modeling which are my priorities right now. I keep my family and friends very close to me. I’m the nicest person you will ever meet unless you get on my bad side because then I can be a TOTAL BITCH... I’m just being HONEST..

Ant: Booo to Howard, Hampton is tha shyt and u know it..lol.. but anywayz.. Well Sid, what do u have coming up in the works? Damn hope im included..

Sid: haha.. welll u know i got u ant. but lets talk about that off the record..

Ant: yeah yeah no doubt...

There you have it guys Sidney Lauren... for more info or if you need Sidney for business purposes hit me at ioverachieve@gmail.com


  1. Are both of yall even in school still?

  2. yeah we are... Sidney is at Howard. I now attend Bowie State...

  3. so how exactly did sidney get into modeling. because ive been trying so hard buuuut havent really found a way into it?

  4. ill tell sid to sign on and answer your question.. but im sure it came from alot of hard work and perseverance

  5. i bet cause i can tell shes been doing this for a while and her pictures are incredible

  6. Hey shes the one that was sleeping with Chris Brown. I saw it on Mediatakeout.com.